Celebrating the Success of the SR Phase 3 Pilot Data Collection

*The recent Social Registry Phase 3 pilot data collection exercise concluded successfully after 10 days of intense work in eight communities in Margibi and Montserrado counties. With the aid of 47 enumerators and eight supervisors, the team exceeded expectations, collecting data from 3,529 households and making significant progress toward the project’s goals. Despite some challenges in data collection, the dedication of the enumerators ensured that valuable information was gathered from all the project communities. Their commitment was evident in the quality and volume of data collected, and they ensured an impressive coverage rate of over 95%.

A key highlight was the effective leadership and coordination demonstrated by many data collectors, which was instrumental in maintaining the project’s pace and ensuring the accurate and timely collection of data. Nevertheless, a small percentage of enumerators faced challenges, such as difficulty finding respondents, building rapport and approate response selection, which impacted the quality of their contributions. To address these discrepancies, a “clean-up” phase was conducted, where 16 enumerators revisited the target communities over four days, significantly improving the data quality.

Despite hurdles like refusals of consent from some participants and the difficulty in locating respondents, the team remained resilient and adaptable, ensuring that their collective efforts aligned with the project’s goals. The use of structured feedback and the willingness to improve processes ensured continuous learning and growth. The recommendations that emerged, such as enhanced pre-project community engagement, will undoubtedly strengthen future data collection initiatives. This successful project serves as a testament to the team’s dedication and underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving impactful results.

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