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Experts in Research and Evaluations

We are a team of experienced research professionals who provide high-quality work that meets your needs. With over 3 years of experience, we have a successful track record and offer in-depth research and evaluations. Count on us to deliver accurate results that help you make informed decisions.

We prioritize research ethics and participant well-being. Our CITI certified enumerators are properly trained to uphold ethical research practices and respect the rights of our participants. This ensures accurate and trustworthy results.

We examined 15 counties, conducted 17,000 interviews, and generated critical insights for decision-making. Our data analysis revealed trends and key indicators to guide policy decisions and drive positive outcomes. Our trustworthy findings will benefit communities and society.

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Live Data Collection Dashboard

Our live dashboard provides real-time survey data with valuable insights on key metrics and trends.

Experience & Trust

We have an extensive and diverse background working with highly acclaimed institutions such as the World Bank Group and Innovations for Poverty Action. Altogether, our members bring a remarkable 15 years of experience to the table.

Data Quality Assurance & Human Capacity

Our QA process includes serveral layers monitoring, .

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Superior Research Services

2019 - Present

We are always a year better

One of the primary reasons why many of our clients continue to return to us is due to our ever-increasing level of expertise in our industry. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest trends, advancements, and techniques in order to provide our clients with the highest level of service possible.

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Meet Our Team

Joseph Kamara

Co-Funder/Team Leader

G. Dackermue Dolo

Co-Funder/Team Leader

Christian K. Doe

Research Fellow

Harris Tokpah

Field Manager

Lydia P. Young


Augustine Jallah

Procurement/ Operations

Garmie Voupawoe

Health Study Consultant

Jinkings Kamara

Research Intern

Yamah K. Clarke

Field Coordinator

Marthalyn D. Dukuly

Yamah K. Clarke

Maleeya Edwards

Finance Intern

Jinkings Kamara

Research Intern