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Meet Joseph Kamara

Joseph Kamara is a seasoned consultant with a rich background in research, data management, and policy evaluation. Currently serving as the Team Leader at the Research and Innovations Hub in Monrovia, Liberia, he leads the organization in driving growth through successful research grants and data collection contracts. With a keen eye for detail, Joseph manages operational budgets and oversees a diverse portfolio of research projects, ensuring precise and timely financial and narrative reporting to stakeholders and partners. His deep expertise in data quality assurance and analysis, with tools like Stata, underpins the organization’s innovative research initiatives.


His key projects include leading the Breakthrough Action Liberia Baseline Study, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, to explore factors influencing social behavior changes in health outcomes across multiple counties. He also played a crucial role in improving access to finance and digital skills for SMEs, conducting baseline and endline surveys for a randomized control trial funded by the World Bank Group. Moreover, Joseph managed the Social Registry Phase-2 Data Collection, handling census-based data collection and biometric data in partnership with the Ministry of Gender, Republic of Liberia.

Before taking up his current role, Joseph served as a consultant for the World Bank, where he supported impact evaluation projects such as the Liberia Social Safety Net and the Youth Opportunity Project. He developed data collection instruments and supported data management, security, and confidentiality for these initiatives. Additionally, during his tenure as a Research Associate at Innovations for Poverty Action, he managed the design, implementation, and evaluation of interventions aimed at reducing intimate partner violence. He also led surveys across Liberia to measure the impact of various educational programs and social experiments. His role as a Research Field Manager saw him supervising large teams to conduct endline phone surveys targeting youth unemployment and to coordinate research on mentorship programs that support young women.

Joseph holds a Master’s in Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics from the African School of Economics. Beyond his consulting work, he has shared his expertise as a lecturer in Applied Social Statistics at the African Methodist Episcopal University. He has contributed to impactful studies on intimate partner violence, educational initiatives, and social programs, emphasizing his commitment to applying research for meaningful social change.

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