Meet Marthalyn D. Dukuly

Marthalyn D. Dukuly is a dedicated Field Coordinator at the Research and Innovations Hub in Liberia. With a Master of Arts in International Development from the African Methodist Episcopal University and a BSc in Mining Engineering from the University of Liberia, she brings a strong academic foundation to her role. Her expertise includes developing field protocols, training field teams, and monitoring data collection processes, ensuring high-quality data for impactful research initiatives. Marthalyn is also well-versed in managing and analyzing data using tools like Microsoft Office, ArcGIS, and STATA, leveraging these skills to drive research projects forward.

Her extensive experience includes working on projects with the World Bank Group and Innovations for Poverty Action Liberia, where she successfully coordinated logistics, supervised data collection, and trained field staff in data quality assurance. She is known for her ability to align data collection processes with project objectives and standards, ensuring the accurate and timely delivery of research outcomes.

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