Meet Yamah K. Clarke

Yamah Kpatakolee-Clarke is a dedicated and skilled Researcher with a strong academic background and practical experience in public health and project management. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Public Health at the University of Liberia, and has also acquired valuable certifications in project management, social-behavioral-educational research, and Survey CTO. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Liberia, her academic foundation is complemented through her hands-on experience in spearheading successful research endeavors and collaborating with reputable organizations, like Liberia National Election Commission, Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information services, and Bridge-U through the University of Liberia Graduate School. Her skillfulness in crafting research designs, coordinating research teams, and facilitating training has proven to be a valuable addition to the team.

In Yamah’s current role as a Field Coordinator at The Research and Innovations Hub (RIH) in Liberia, she excels in coordinating field teams, managing budgets, developing training materials, and ensuring protocol adherence during research projects. Her proficiency in questionnaire programming using Survey CTO and data analysis with STATA further enhances her capabilities. Her track record of successfully managing field teams, conducting spot checks, and facilitating debrief sessions demonstrates her attention to detail, leadership skills, and ability to ensure data quality.

Outside profession: Yamah is passionate about fashion, and because of her love for style she has become creative.

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