Meet Christian K. Doe

Christian K. Doe is a seasoned technologist with a strong foundation in Information Technology, holding a bachelor’s degree in the field. He brings to The Research and Innovations Hub a wealth of expertise in research and data science, leveraging his skills in Google Suite, Web Development, and Survey CTO to enable effective decision-making for businesses and organizations. Christian’s career has been marked by significant accomplishments in research, data analysis, and project management, particularly in his collaboration with organizations like DKT Liberia, Breakthrough Action Liberia, and the World Bank Group. His proficiency in data cleaning, analysis, and questionnaire development makes him an invaluable asset in leading and executing complex research projects.

At The Research and Innovations Hub, Christian has consistently showcased his leadership abilities as a Research and Innovations Associate, driving impactful research initiatives and leading project teams to success. His prior experience as a Customer Success Agent at Dobility-SurveyCTO and roles in project management and remote learning demonstrate his versatility and commitment to advancing technological solutions. Christian’s dedication to continuous professional development is reflected in his diverse certifications and recognition in anti-bribery compliance, monitoring and evaluation, and human subject research. His journey is a testament to his passion for innovation and excellence in the tech industry.

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