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Meet Harris Tokpah

Harris Tokpah, a dedicated Field Manager at the Research and Innovations Hub, brings significant experience in data collection and project management. With a Bachelor of Nursing from the Tehran University of Medical Sciences and specialized certifications from the World Bank and AGA Kahn Foundation, he combines a strong educational foundation with practical expertise in research and monitoring. Since joining the organization in 2021, he has been instrumental in overseeing the recruitment and training of enumerators, developing training manuals, and managing the logistics of extensive data collection projects.

In his current role, Harris coordinates and implements data collection plans, ensuring accurate and efficient data handling across numerous field offices. His keen attention to detail and analytical skills are evident in his proficiency with SurveyCTO, Excel, and statistical tools like STATA and R, which he employs to maintain high-quality data standards. Harris has successfully managed over 100 field officers, supporting research associates in conducting preliminary data cleaning and ensuring quality control throughout the data collection process.

Beyond his technical abilities, Harris is recognized for his leadership and team management skills. He monitors team performance, provides regular feedback, and conducts performance evaluations, fostering an environment of continuous improvement. His dedication to excellence has led to the completion of data collection activities involving over 10,000 respondents, showcasing his unwavering commitment to research and innovation in Liberia.

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